About the city of Damietta:
Damietta capital city province of Damietta full north Egypt, and after 15 kilometers hurt Damietta branch of the Nile in the Mediterranean Sea at the head of land, separated by a narrow strip of Lake Manzala, and to the south-west stretch the face of sea farms (Nile Delta) and plains. , One of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, where is characterized by long بسواحلها overlooking the river and the sea, its fresh air and its mild weather, which is reflected in the actions of people Vsmat Damaath activity, seriousness and perfection in the work and the large production. The Damietta Port is one of the most important ports Egypt Feinst the reception of ships and condense the movement of goods.
Characterized Damietta heavily farms guava, especially in Kafr watermelon also palm trees of around 2.5 million, which covers the coast from Ras Barherqua and even Gamasa west and the sea in the north to the highway and south of the village Riyadh south, except for the New Damietta have been issued Damietta over one million Palm to several countries, notably Greece and China.
Damietta is designing and manufacturing furniture of wood. These products are sold not only in Egypt but also for the Arab and European countries. Featuring the industry's durability and quality. Are in the furniture industry workshops (Workshop collection) Small is then sent to the shows that you are viewing to the public or for traders to be exported out of the country. Kmaeugd large factories for the manufacture of furniture with the latest modern technology and the latest equipment until these plants have become a big name in the global markets the furniture industry.
Also famous for its fishing and textiles, shoes, candy, canned sardines and shrimp is also famous for its dairy industry, including cheese Damietta months kinds of cheese in the world.
The Faculty of Applied Arts in Damietta Center radiation cultural and artistic through her and the message provided by the divided faculty into eight sections which sculpture and composition Architectural and Restoration - Interior design and furniture - decoration - Advertise - Industrial Design - Textile - Textile Printing - garments
Damietta Governorate is famous for the rest of the governorates of Egypt in the confectionery industry is the most important clamp.
Which is famous for its conservative and working in this industry many people to maintain a lot of factories desserts, and export those factories products to many Arab countries and even to some countries by the World such as Italy and there are also village  and built place of the church and named after the priest is ebrashy and there was where many of the tourist attractions and but time  the effects of history.


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